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The New Mexico Pledge
For Government Accountability

Everyday, New Mexicans pay a heavy price due to the influence of big money in politics. High unemployment, insufficient resources in our schools, and stagnant job growth continue to plague our state. How is big money in politics to blame?

The answer is two-fold. The lack of both transparency and clear ethical standards in our campaign system prevents elected officials from solving big problems. The vast majority of elected officials in New Mexico are hard-working, principled people who want the best for our state. Unfortunately, they are often caught in gray areas of confusing ethics laws, and they are dependent on big donors to fund their campaigns. This allows for ethical conflicts and drowns out the voices of everyday New Mexicans.

But, we have a path forward to fix these problems through common-sense reforms.

Therefore, I                                                           , pledge my support for solutions that increase government accountability through transparency, enforcement of ethical standards, and increased participation in the political process. These solutions will help get our state leaders focused on the issues that impact us all.


Improve disclosure in elections by making campaign and lobbying activities more open to the public.


Establish a bipartisan, independent ethics commission that investigates complaints, provides guidance for public officials to ensure compliance with existing laws, and has adequate enforcement authority.


Strengthen the voices of everyday New Mexicans by improving and expanding laws to increase the value of small-dollar campaign contributions, creating a system in which candidates are accountable to their constituents, rather than to their largest campaign contributors.


Reform our judicial system to ensure equal access to justice for all New Mexicans by expanding public financing of judicial races, and helping to improve diversity and impartiality on the bench.

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